Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bernie Cassidy NEEDS to be Stopped by Law from violating Psychiatric Rights and Constitutional Rights

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How many of you out there have been Threatened by Lincoln County Attorney, Bernie Cassidy that he will lock you in a mental institute. A bit More on the Randy Wilson Story.

See Bernie Cassidy is God in Lincoln County Montana, he decides who gets to live a good life and who gets to be harassed, set up, beaten and if you don't do it the Bernie Cassidy way, well then you get a one way ticket to a mental institute as Bernie Cassidy controls Lincoln County Social Services as well.

In Lincoln County Montana it does not matter how much money you throw at an attorney, Bernie Cassidy, County Attorney will do has he pleases and NOT based in Law. Bernie Cassidy has held my case up for 4 years, hidden documents proven a death threat to me, squashed a defamation lawsuit I spent $5000 on 4 years ago.  Bernie Cassidy will not prosecute Rape.  Bernie Cassidy refused to let a local cop search the "County" resident of Richard Brown in a child porn scandal. They ran that cop out of town for doing a job too good.

Bernie Cassidy's reign of Terror needs to End, he is a monster. To put woman in mental institututes so their husbands can take away their rights as parents, to condone letting Randy Wilson not give his child what she needs to get well as Randy Wilson denies his child's diagnosis and refuses to get her health care, proven needed by specialist outside of the Corruption in Montana that wants to cover up Rocky Mountain Tick, and Lyme Disease, which by the way is one of the biggest secrets of the Hamilton Montana NIH Scam. As NIH controls information and even sends its "Security" to the house of local scientists to make sure they say the right thing such in the documentary .

Lyme Disease is one of the biggest health cover ups in Montana and nationwide really.  If diagnosed right there is a chance that it won't affect a person's entire life. Thing is it seems that there is some scandal or cover up with North Valley Hospital, Prompt Care in Eureka, Bernie Cassidy and Randy Wilson of Interbel in hiding Lyme Disease and Endangering the life of a child, ALL aided and abetted by Montana Corruption.

I intend to EXPOSE Randy Wilson, a Mother has rights, I have known this story for years, and it gets worse NOT better.  Randy Wilson's reign of Terror in my hometown will be EXPOSED, enough is enough. Email me your Randy Wilson Tip?

And note I already know what happened with Mr. Gordon, and I tell you what, the Gordon Family is one of the best things that ever happened to Eureka Montana. They are good, loving, honest people and should have more rights then lying new comber Randy Wilson when it comes to the Court of Public Opinion. We all know the Gordon's and any rumor Randy Wilson's actions have put out there, dismiss them all. The Gordon's are people that those of us who really love the "Real Eureka", Call Family.

Mary Wilson will be in Several Documentaries soon, one is a 50 State Documentary Exposing Corruption, we will both be in that one regarding Corruption in Lincoln County Montana.

Stay Tuned, whatever Does not Violate HIPAA is coming online, by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.  Oh and don't try and discredit me by pointing out my 2.5 Million Dollar Judgement, I was telling the Truth, and this I have proved over and over. Corrupt Judges and Lawyers setting me up to cover up corruption, does not change the TRUTH. I have documents on my blogs that prove the TRUTH.  So Randy, Sue me if you Like, I am sure Bernie Cassidy will do something BAD and EVIL to me again.

I am not going to hide under my bed while bad things happen to other people.

Email me your Lincoln County Montana Corruption Tip 

Looks like Randy Wilson is Searching his Name. Thing is I will be exposing Bernie Cassidy, Prompt Care, and all that has been done to violate the Civil and Human Rights of Mary Wilson. I have known for years. Time to EXPOSE Randy Wilson of Interbel for Crimes against Humanity, for harassment, for endangering his child and MUCH more.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Randy Wilson, Interbel Eureka Montana Conspiring with County Attorney Bernie Cassidy to Violate Rights, Participate in HIPAA Violations and much more.

Randy Wilson Interbel Eureka Montana has been harassing his ex-wife for years and endangering the life and well being of his child and Lincoln County Montana, County Attorney Bernie Cassidy who is financially involved with Randy Wilson is involved. This story is in several documentaries and will soon expose corruption in Montana like none other.

Stay Tuned

HIPAA Violation, Randy Wilson, Interbel, Aiding and Abetting, Psychiatric Rights, Child Endangerment, Prompt Care, North Valley Hospital, Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, NIH Montana, Montana Corruption, 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So Funny, Marc Randazza and David Aman Claims I Exorted them but they both made me offers I REFUSED.

Marc Randazza offered to buy Marc long ago, though Kashmir Hill of Forbes has the story all wrong, and has not even seen the entire email communication between Blogger Crystal Cox and Marc Randazza nor does she know of the content of the Marc Randazza Crystal Cox phone call.

Anyway, Marc Randazza offered for the Domain Name, then he demanded, both I refused. Then Marc Randazza, to teach me a lesson, called the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox to offer Testimony, a Deposition, to set me up for Extortion though I never Extorted Him. This because he was upset over me buying the Domain Name, which is certainly NOT illegal.

AFTER Marc Randazza Joined Forces with the "Bad Guys", the Plaintiff, 
and I, being my own attorney was given notice of Marc Randazza's Deposition to set me up, then I got upset and AFTER this, I bought several more dotcoms to prove a point, and noticing that Marc Randazza 's wife and daughter's dotcom was available, what better way to make the point of how bad he is at this "Domainer" thing, and how he is NOT the Internet Expert he Claims to Be.

See even after Marc Randazza threatened me for own his dot com and even though he defened  Isaac Eiland-Hall in the buying, owning and using the domain name
"" , still he did not buy the dot com of his beloved, WHAT?

Marc Randazza emailed me and told me I have no right to own a domain name that resembles his name. Talk about Double Standards. Was it extortion for the Glen Beck name to be purchased and used attacking Glen Back and accusing him of rape and murder? This Domain Name "implies"that a Young Girl is a "Minor" right? And it accuses a man of a Rape and Murder. This is Ok in the Eyes of Attorney Marc Randazza, but for some reason me Owning is not, nor Owning and his childs name, which I bought AFTER he joined the plaintiff to PROVE and to prove Point, and I never Published that Information he did that. Kenneth White and Marc Randazza did that with her photo, as did Forbes Kashmir Hill. NOT ME.

Even after the threat to me for buying, he still was to dumb to buy the dotcom of his own wife and child. I wanted to point out that he was a Fraud in his representation to Potential Clients, as I had interviewed Marc Randazza to possibly represent me, and he was so Disrespectful that I chose a better choice for me and for the Entire Blogger V. Journalist, Free Speech, First Amendment Rights Debate. I did not initiate connect with Marc Randazza, nor Him to me, we agreed to talk through the recommendation of another person, one of my Investigative Bloggers, whom was also on the call.

I never "Begged" Marc Randazza to be my Attorney, in FACT I never even asked. I simply took the call in order to feel out my options, and get more information on what I thought to be Experts in the First Amendment Bar.  I had already been contacted by the Attorney I did choose and was weighing my options. And trying to learn all I could for best of for all who do what I do, so I could make the right decision on the next step for the Greater Good.

Marc Randazza, almost lost me the Attorney I wanted, because Marc Randazza told the Attorney that he represented me. This was after my Attorney had heard through others of the First Amendment Bar that Marc Randazza was representing me.

Those believing I begged him to be my Attorney are Flat Wrong, think about it, why would I do that when I already had what I deem to be the most respected First Amendment Expert. A Legal Scholar who treated me with respect and focused on the Merits of the Case and nothing petty what so ever. I chose a man who is Respectful of my Rights and Talks kind to me, treats me with dignity even if he disagrees he is respectful about it and presents a very Intelligent, Sensible reason why he may disagree.

I had already spoke to this man, and read his incredible resume (Click Here to Read).

And yes I took a call to see what Marc Randazza Had to say, to offer, and out of respect for my Investigative Blogger whom contacted him. And I took the call to explore my options, thing is we did not speak again and next thing I knew, he was telling others he represented me and I had already agreed to work with the Attorney I chose. I had to contact Marc Randazza to tell him he did not represent me and why, I will be posting that email in Full coming soon. No one sentence pulled out as Kash-Shmear Hill likes to do, instead of investigate the entire TRUTH and Real FACTS.

Keep in mind this Plaintiff that Marc Randazza decided to align with was the same Plaintiff he was negotiating with in December of 2011, on my behalf and WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Conflicts of Interest, Talking Behind the Potential Clients Back, Giving Away my Strategy, and completely disrespecting me and violating my right.

So Marc Randazza offered to buy the Domain Name, then Marc Randazza emailed and said you made your point what do you want and now he is Roaring that I extorted HIM, that is simply not true and is a Smoke Screen to cover up what he actually did to me.

Now Cut to David Aman, the Original Accuser of Extortion, and the One whom gave Forbes the infamous, false light defamatory email AFTER he had already won his case against me. See the Media Frenzy saying I am Guilty Until Never Given the Chance to be Proven Innocent, well they all got their Story from David AmanTonkon Torp Attorney for the Plaintiff.  Yet David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney in his Frenzy to set me up for Extortion is still making me offers to Settle.

Yesterday, April 2nd 2012 David Aman, made and Offer to My Attorney to Settle. Why do this ? See David AmanTonkon Torp Attorney really wants to set me up for Extortion, he recently Deposed me and it was all about setting me up and previous income instead a real asset probe which would be about future income.

Last Week David AmanTonkon Torp Attorney threatened to file another Motion to Compel with Judge Hernandez to threaten and Harass me some more, this week an offer to Settle. It is all so convoluted.

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Crazy Crystal Cox
aKa - the Unhinged Blogger
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